You have a food idea.
We have a way to take it global.
do you Want to become a food entrepreneur?
Let ́s start together! In the Meallions show you can expand globally.

What is Meallions?

Meallions is a Youtube reality show for food entrepreneurs to develop their product for the global market. You work on your product in master classes across 12 different business fields, produce a prototype and sell it on a real market. One of the finalists will win the prize of $100,000.

How does it work

Fifteen food entrepreneurs come together in the House of the Meallions. During eight episodes they get master classes from FMCG experts on business strategy, nutritionology, R&D, merchandising, finances, distribution, BTL, marketing and branding. In every episode food entrepreneurs take part in a contest and develop their product. After each contest some participants will be eliminated and leave the community while some of them stay in the show. Participants receive their tasks ahead of filming and have time to prepare.

December 20
15 participantsannounced
2019 YEAR
Episodes 1-4
Episode 5-8

Participation conditions
●  You have your own food project - or just an idea - and you are ready to further develop it on the show and later sell the product in retail chains or stores 

●  You are able to travel to filming locations

●  You are an individual entrepreneur 

●  You speak English fluently

Product categories
Bread; Cakes & Tarts; Cheese; Chips; Chocolate & Sweets; Crisps & Snacks; Coffee; Cookies; Desserts; Drinks; Food to go; Frozen meals; Ice Cream; Jam; Honey & Spreads; Juices; Milk; Nuts & Seeds; Ready meals; Sauces; Soft drinks; Tea; Yogurts; others.

Candidates selection 
From the moment you submit your application, we ́ll give you access to an online pre-screening program. This program includes several tasks that must be completed within the deadlines indicated. Each potential contestant is given the same amount of time to complete the tasks. The timer starts the day you sign up for the pre- screening program. If you don ́t complete all the pre-screening tasks within the allocated period, you are unfortunately eliminated from the selections phase. At the discretion of the organizer, we may invite you for a meeting in the pre-screening program or give you an additional assignment (either on-site or remotely). At the end of pre-screening we will select 15 contestants to participate in the show, based on the test results. We will notify you of your results via an individual message on the website platform. 

Targeted financing 
The winner receives $100,000 in targeted financing from the organizer to produce a batch of the product. These funds are special purpose funding and can not be used in any other way. The winner should use the funds within one year. 

We will be happy to get your application! 

Ivan Sidorok
Author and promoter of the project

Co-owner of NMGK (Nizhny Novgorod Fats & Oils Factory), who managed to turn a family regional consumer brand FMCG business into a global platform with more than $2 billion in annual turnover.

Sidorok created Wilmar Nizhny Delta, a joint venture with Asian agriculture giant Wilmar International, which gave NMGK the opportunity to enter the global market. He received his MBA Skolkovo Business School in Moscow in 2014. Sidorok is active in philanthropy and charity: he supports artists and athletes, finances FMCG startups that have a social impact component, playing the role of both investor and entrepreneur.

In 2014 Sidorok founded Mabius Food Startup Centre, an international food startup incubator, in Moscow. The family office Sidorok Capital has been based in Singapore since 2016.

Sergey Efremenko
General producer of the project

Media manager with fifteen years experience in the field of media communications. First editor-in-chief of the American magazine “Rolling Stone” in Russia. Manager of the office of the “Snob” project in London. Author and presenter of the radio show. Today develops his own educational projects.

Creator of public speaking training programs and workshops for the managers of large companies and incipient entrepreneurs. Managing partner of the educational project “”, whose task is to identify and develop incipient entrepreneurs. 

Alexander Kiselev
Mabius Director

The co-founder and head of Mabius Food Startup Centre began his career as a business analyst. Kiselyov has over 10-years’ experience in corporate strategy development, assessing operational efficiency, and investment fundraising.

Over time Kiselyov decided to concentrate on collaboration with large food corporations. In addition to his European market experience, he also spent more than 3 years working with FMCG products in Asia, in particular, China. After many years in the FMCG sector, Kiselyov created a unique acceleration incubator for food startups at Mabius.

What are the criteria for selecting potential participants?
Nevertheless, the main part of the answer lays in the project’s slogan, Meallions – New Meal for Millions. We are looking for those who are capable and willing to feed millions.
For participation in the show requires knowledge of the English language. Prior to the show, participants must complete several qualifying tasks, which will be done remotely and will not require travel. Applications will be collected and evaluated by Meallions project partner Mabius Food Startup Centre.
Where are you going to film the show?
 We'll announce it late.
What do you want to tell the world
by doing this project?
We want to make the food-entrepreneurship a fashionable profession and to create a highly professional community around Meallions. But we also understand that food will always be important for everyone, so the food business is always going to bring money. The task of bringing food to tables requires a person with a great vision and an instant sense of accomplishment. When a person understands his or her vision and follows it, they realize their mission and definitely become happier than those people motivated by their own success in a traditional framework.
Why is the final round
taking place in Singapore?
Singapore is not just one of the biggest financial markets in the world, but it is also becoming one of the key gastronomical capitals of the world. This island provokes many interesting gastronomical experiments and it is ready to accept new traditions of many different cultures and countries. It is also important that Singapore has a long history of entrepreneurship, it is a hub for startups from all over the world.
Who will be the mentors?
They will be experts in FMCG industry from all over the world. Currently this list is a secret though. You can learn more about some of these people in the «Mentors» section on the site. More mentors will be announced in the near future.
Prize money
The winner receives $100,000 in targeted financing from the organizer to produce a batch of the product. These funds are special purpose funding, and cannot be used in any other way. The winner should use the funds in within one year.